About Us

Mission Statement

International BrassWorks is committed to providing the finest detail and finishes in all aspects of Architectural Metalwork, to both our customers and those potential clients that have still to be made aware of our company achievements in this highly diversified world arena.

Our Artisans have a truly unique and rare ability to produce the most difficult and complex issues that challenge the human imagination to its limits, whether it be in machining, welding of new materials, mechanical adaptations for hidden fasteners, or engineering projects to match building codes. These are all part of our daily work schedule, which we relish in the challenges of.

All at IBW are of the one mind, in that it is with dedication, pride, knowledge and skill, that has been well earned over many years of experience, in the completion of any given task to our customer's complete satisfaction.

These are the people that make IBW a rather unique company, in its approach to setting the bar a little higher than people might expect or even contemplate.

We welcome new innovations and all the challenges that they bring, and with them the wide array of new materials and designs that lets us see tomorrow, today.

We sincerely hope that we can be of assistance in any project that you may have in the future.


Ongoing Commitment

International BrassWorks employs highly skilled and diverse individuals, who through many years of learning have achieved the knowledge and the talent to be capable of doing what others, perhaps only dream of. These people will ensure your metal fabrication project meets your complete satisfaction.

We have a combined 80 years of experience in the Architectural Metal fabrication industry and are well respected both for the finished article, and for our professionalism in all aspects of achieving our customer's goal.

We offer an array of different metals and finishes, including Powder Coating, which extends even more choices to our customers.

Rest assured, you will be impressed with our service, quality of product and our professional way in which we conduct our daily business.

Our staff includes 4 certified welders skilled in working with exotic materials. We also have a certified paint and powder coat shop with 2 specialists having a combined 12 years of experience.

Being on the cutting-edge of our industry, we realize we cannot simply rest on our laurels and past performances, but must also continue to train our workforce to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing fabrication industry.

That's why we encourage the younger members of our staff, to advance themselves in the ongoing journey of metal fabrication, by taking courses that may be unique and difficult, but will prove beneficial and invaluable in years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us, and we sincerely hope that we may be able to assist you in any of your endeavors in achieving your goal.

Alex Campbell
International BrassWorks Inc.